Outing Club

Miners meet the stars. Bob Slater, the secretary of the Outing Club is 6th from the right on the front row standing next to Water Haigh’s manager Billy Williams. Other men who have been identified include Bill Weightman, Walt Browning, Jimmy Cadman, Walt Brummitt, Harry Ellis, Len Ellis, Jimmy Jackson, enginewright Frank Lake, Ernest Mosby, undermanger George Prince, Bill Riley, Arthur Sunderland, Herbert Sunderland, Chris Tiffany, Frank Varley, Albert West, and Bernad Weightman. The actress Thora Hird is on the left of the third row wearing a white hat. Her daughter Janette Scott is on the front row.

This World of Ours by Northerner IIYorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer. Thursday 17 April 1952.

Even if Featherstone Rovers should be unlucky in the Rugby League Cup Final on Saturday – and this, let me make quite clear, is not to be regarded as a forecast – there will be balm for the wounds of 35 of their supporters who will make the journey from Yorkshire to London.

When, a few weeks ago, Mr. D. J. Goodlatte, managing director the Associated British Picture Corporation, visited Water Haigh Colliery at Oulton near Leeds, he invited 35 miners to come and see him at Elstree Studios. On Friday morning the 35 will leave for London in a hired coach.

On Friday evening they will go to West End theatre as guests of the film company. On Saturday morning they will see a Fleet Street newspaper produced and on Sunday they will go Elstree. And a London colleague assures me that they will have an experience they will remember.

Apart from the official reception, lunch and tea, the miners will see all there is to see. Actors and actresses will call specially to see and entertain the guests, and there will be a preview of the film “Elstree Story” – a record of 25 years’ picture-making at the studios. There are also to be “big surprises.”

Water Haigh to Wembley

The souvenir programme with cartoons of miners at the studios.
The specially designed backdrop to the celebratory lunch.