Stuart Carmichael

Enthusiast Stuart Carmichael from Swillington took these pictures. War Department 8F 90465 was built in May 1944. Its hauling a train of coal wagons approaching Woodlesford from Methley in May 1966. The engine has the shed code 55E for Normanton. It was withdrawn and scrapped in January 1966.
An unidentified Black Five pulls away from Woodlesford in 1964 with a stopping passenger service for Sheffield.
A Brush Sulzer Type 4, headcode 1M81, heads an express to Birmingham. The service which ran Mondays to Saturdays left Bradford Forster Square at 1630, and after a reversal at Leeds City South, where a new locomotive was attached, departed at 1705. The load was not to exceed 385 tons which accounts for only nine Mark 1 carriages. If it was on time it would have passed through Woodlesford at speed just before 1715. The train ran via Normanton and Cudworth with its first stop at Rotherham Masborough. It arrived at Birmingham at 2015. In October 1968 trains on this route were diverted to run via Wakefield Westgate and expresses stopped passing through Woodlesford unless they had been diverted. This photo was taken in November 1965.