Boyes Taylor

With his long white beard Boyes Taylor is standing third from the left. His son George is on the far left. In the background is a stack of barrels and the makeshift seats are beer bottle crates, so its safe to assume that the group were posing in the brewery grounds. Seated third from the left is the managing director Charles Frederick Hoyle.

The following is taken from the BYB directors’ hand written minute book for 1924.

At a meeting of the Directors of Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries held at the Great Northern Railway Hotel, Leeds on Thursday the 28th day of August 1924.

Boyes Taylor and John Campsall.

Mr Badeley reported that as a consequence of the great age of these two employees he had requested them to retire. It was therefore resolved that they be asked to apply for the Old Age Pension and that the Company supplement such pension up  to the full amount allowed by the regulations.

Wakefield Express 1933.
Boyes Taylor.
The Taylor family before the First World War. Its believed this photo was taken in the grounds of The Laurels on Alma Street which was owned by relations of Boyes Taylor’s wife, Elizabeth.
Boyes Taylor in brewery work clothes.
Margaret Annie Alderson (nee Taylor) on the left with her mother Clara Taylor on the right. The year is 1931. Catherine Elizabeth Alderson, named after her great grandmothers, is on her great grandfather’s lap.