Charles Fowler

Charlie Fowler was BYB’s company secretary up until his departure at the age of 59 in 1973. He’s pictured here at his retirement party at the Monckton Hall Hotel with wife Kathleen and Whitbread executive John Francis.
The people in this group are mainly the heads of the brewery departments and office workers in 1973. Back row: John Stone, Ray Monaghan, John Francis – Managing Director, Peter Bumford – property, Gerald Young – managed houses, Unknown, Sydney Barrett – clerk, Harold Wint – free trade, Unknown. Second row: Alfie Rayner, Unknown, Unknown, John Heaton – Skipton shop, Harold Jones, Unknown, John Melvin, Geoff Roberts, Billy Ward, Frank Hartshorne – clerk, Gerald Weaver, Billy Westwood – bottling store foreman, Unknown, Ken Sampson- property, Bill Ashby – office manager, Ronnie Higgins, Unknown, John Pickersgill. Third row: Joyce Wrigglesworth – office manager, Mrs. Lochrie – secretary, Margaret Freeman – order office, Margaret Warrilow. Sitting: Kathleen Fowler, Charlie Fowler, Sylvia Taylor – wages, Shirley Coombs – secretary, Doreen Topping.
A brewery function. On the left table looking towards the camera is Billy Ward with his wife to his left. John Heaton is nearest the camera and Geoff Lunn from the accounts department is sitting opposite him.