George Wright

This photo of the Bentley’s coopers was taken in the mid-1920s. Second from the right on the back row is George Wright who was 23 in 1922. His father, Harry Wright, was the foreman barrel washer. George had just returned from serving in the navy during and after the First World War. Also in the photograph is the foreman cooper William Henry Brown, the son of Charles Hendley Brown who was the foreman cooper up until his death in 1912. Charles came from Deptford in Kent and William was born at Sandal near Wakefield. The Browns lived in a BYB owned house at Eshald Terrace overlooking the railway on Hesp Lane (now Eshald Lane) just around the corner from the brewery. In 1898 William married tailoress Lily Campsall, the daughter of painter and decorator, John Campsall, who also worked for the brewery and lived next door. The Campsalls had previously lived at Harewood House on Oulton Lane in New Woodlesford. After his first wife died William married Mary Doris Stearn, a cook who was the daughter of a policeman. They lived at Midland View on Oulton Lane.

Margaret Johnson – Bentley’s was a big part of my life

Giblet pies and the jam jar feast

George Wright’s indenture to become an apprentice cooper.
George Wright in naval uniform.
George Wright on a family holiday to the seaside at Cleethorpes. George’s wife Harriet Wright, nee Haigh, is on the left with her sister Eveline Knee. George’s daughter Margaret is with her cousin Maureen Knee who is holding her Uncle George’s hand.
George Wright, on the right, supervises the traditional “trussing out” ceremony for an apprenticed cooper. This photo was taken at Camerons’ brewery at Hartlepool. George went through a similar inititation when he came to the end of his apprenticeship at Bentley’s in the 1920s.