Two Pointers

The Two Pointers during the landlordship of Jonathan Craven which ran from 1861 until his death in 1887. He took over the inn after his father died. Thomas Craven had been landlord since the 1830s. The landlord in the latter part of the 19th century was Rothwell born Joe Newsome. He was also a traveller for Bentley’s and ran the pub with his wife, Anne. Before the pub they had a shop which also sold beer on the amusingly named Temperance Street off Midland Street! They made enough money to buy land worth £250 on Holmsley Lane where in 1892 they built a row of four stone houses. After their retirement they lived in one of the houses which was given the name Hazeldene. Joe died in 1915 and Anne passed away in 1931 leaving over £50,000 in her will at today’s prices.
This is believed to be a Woodlesford football team from the mid-1930s which played under the name Armitage’s Sports. The photo was taken at the back of the Two Pointers with Woodleford church in the backround. It was displayed in Sam Garland’s barber shop for many years. Back row: Len Ellis, George Smith, Wild, Unknown, Eddie Joyce, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Sid Ellis, Percy Boyes. Middle row seated: None identified. Front row: Harry Ellis, Albert Jones.