Sheffield Stopper

Stanier Class 5 45211 with a Leeds – Sheffield (via Cudworth) local. July 1964. Photo by Alan Bailey.

On weekdays and Saturdays in the 1960s there were about four steam hauled stopping passenger trains in each direction between Leeds City and Sheffield.

They ran on the original North Midland Railway route calling at Altofts, Normanton, Royston, Cudworth, and all stations to Sheffield Midland via Rotherham Masborough.

There were usually four or five carriages and the driver normally stopped the engine with one of the carriages standing on the Aberford Road bridge so the rear of the train was clear of the foot crossing between the platforms.

Often the two early evening services had a guard’s compartment full of parcels for Woodlesford which could take up to ten minutes to unload before being carried across the crossing on barrows.

The stoppers were hauled by a variety of engines ranging from the small 0-6-0 Fowler 4Fs to the more modern Britannia Pacifics.

Jubilee engine 45658 “Keyes” of Holbeck shed is standing on the “Up” line at the station whilst Stourton shed’s Stanier 8F 48394 passes on the “Down” line with a “trip” working of coal wagons departing from Water Haigh colliery. Photo Derek Rayner.
Royal Scot engine, 46162 Queen’s Westminster Riflemen, arrives at Woodlesford on 31 May 1962 with the 1809 “Mill Girls Special” from Leeds to Normanton, Cudworth and Sheffield. Photo by Peter Rose.